From 2003 to 2010, Lori Horbas wrote a food and sustainability column for Exchange magazine. Her column, The Joy of Food, gave voice to the back story of food and its midwestern producers. The Joy of Food created portrait of both personality and place while it conveyed a new level of respect, perspective, humility and integrity toward our food and its producers.

In addition to Exchange magazine, her work has appeared in The Leopold Outlook, Real Simple Magazine, and the poetry anthology: Poetry People. Her first Book, The Joy of Food, is a collection of her columns and her second book, At the Table: La Merenda’s Producers was commissioned by Peter Sandroni, owner/chef of La Merenda and Engine Co. No. 3.

Horbas has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. She completed the Land Ethic Leader’s Training program at the Aldo Leopold Center in September 2010, Wendell Berry’s Resettling of America Conference, 2013, and has completed additional coursework in grant writing.